BREAKING BOSTON:  My Designer’s Bio

The Digital Arts for me, are a natural extension of the technique founded in traditional artistic creative expression, and so it has been my livelihood for over 25 years.

Graphic Design as Family Tradition was passed down whilst growing up around trained commercial and fine artists as parents. Both of them flourished in oil painting, illustration & print and today are prolific painters exhibiting in galleries and juried shows.

boatsMy Grandfather, a career pressman
at the Boston Herald, suggested the idea of getting into an art department of a printing house, Artco Offset Co. I got my bike messenger buddy to drop off my resume with the receptionist in a manilla envelope with “TO PRE-PRESS!” written on it in red sharpie. The manager, Shaun, called me for an interview, just to see who pulled that prank.  I was the only girl to be hired in the entire production department up until then.  A lot of the crew did not think I had the grit to survive there, let alone the skills. (Little did they know I had already spent 10 years playing bass in a local band in the New England scene.)

Assigned to art production & pre-press within this 75-year-old printing company on Boston’s Long Wharf Design District, I was trained to prep client files and RIP high-volume film on a large format AGFA developer, for a stripping-plating department supporting three Kimori Lithrone 4-6 color presses the size of green line MBTA trolley cars. The client base ran the gamut of Boston giants, from Forbes-listed downtown financial firms, to architects, universities and hospitals, over booked Design Projects fell to me to resolve scheduling conflicts on press. This ‘ghost-artist’ practice gained me the golden opportunities every fledgling designer-to-be craves.

 I left Artco for Massachusetts’ College of Art’s Marketing for the Graphic Designer Program. The program gave me textbook marketing methods, combined with professional guest lectures. I was recruited in 2000, at the wrap-up of a speaking session, featuring top Agents from The Creative Group.

jfkschoolI was
promptly assigned the very next day to a Graphic Designer I contract position with the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government Publications Department. In this first official design job, I called upon my former pre-press experience & contacts to reduce project costs and flex a repertoire of slick print treatments, such spot aqueous varnish plating, on a suite of catalogs & brochures.

Through Creative Group and others, I went on to many major global companies to continue print design and expand into retail package development.

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