Austin Resource Recovery

Public Meeting Presentation (excerpted)

Outreach Public Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

For Concept Development & Planning (CD&P)

Affecting public perception and creating awareness in the process of rolling out blanket ordinances that change the daily routines of ordinary citizens, as well as business, required creativity in the presentations projected onto screens, printed as handouts, and displayed as 24 x 36 boards in public meetings across the Austin and Travis County Region.

My role was to transform complex concepts and data into easy to understand presentations to provide awareness of sometimes controversial proposals and changes to local laws, procedures & ordinances.

In addition to the PowerPoint design, ideation of vector image generation was accomplished with elevated speed and accuracy, to garner approval for  embedded Adobe Illustrator vector graphics, illustrations, concept art, and infographics within extremely tight deadlines.

CD&P partners with state/local counties, and state-funded agencies like Austin Resource Recovery, to facilitate the management of thorough public engagement and awareness outreach programs through public meeting events, surveys, television broadcasts, websites, printed materials, mailings, and person to person field outreach.