CAMPO - Branding Kit, Correlating Badges, Infographics

for CD&P, Austin, TX

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CAMPO Report Infographics
CAMPO Report Infographics
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CAMPO Report
CAMPO Report Infographics
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CAMPO – Capitol Area Metropolitan Planning Organization / Branding / Design / infographics / Reports

for CD&P, Austin, TX

Branding Suite development for all internal project and public-facing engagement materials, including branding style guide sheets for inter-agency facing teams to coordinate a cohesive look when releasing graphics, press- releases, and bulletins to local area stakeholders, press and public input gathering events.

Planning and management of report and book style guides, to govern the development of dense final reports that were made public for review and public evaluation of planning study results to guide community development for many years to come.

Completed design and layout for these reports, including all vector graphics and illustrations, used to convey complicated data points and survey results, such as tables, maps, and data visualization infographics. Worked with several governing agencies and engineering firms to ensure accuracy and quality of messaging.

Created technically-correct infrastructure illustrations from engineering schematics, that evolve with the life of the project, of detailed road advisory and updates to maps and elevations in real time. Approved rounds of art were generated on a day-to-day basis, often by 3:pm, for final release to news media outlets.

Vector illustrations, with legends and correlating infographics were thoughtfully designed to inform & advise the public while providing immediate visual direction, way-finding and also work to build a sense of communication, clarity & trust in the process around daily changing safety & routes, walkways and accessibility changes.

Such accurate and timely information, that is easily consumed and retained by the user, is vital to the well-being of the public and commercial users as major metropolitan roads, highways, ramps, bridges and entirely new access corridors and surrounding infrastructure is built and improvements made.