SAM Engineering: Public Meeting Presentation

for CD&P


Receiving raw data from environmental and growth studies, the engineering firms’ CAD diagrams, and CD&P engagement messaging, my role was to bring it all together by designing branded presentations delivered as projections, printed handouts, and printed 24 x 36 boards for official stakeholder review and commentary.

Processing the myriad agencies’ input as last minute changes to meeting presentations as information is approved, most often was a key factor in how these PowerPoints performed in order that public works projects were to move forward successfully.

In addition to the PowerPoint design, the creative ideation and production speed/accuracy of embedded supporting vector graphics, illustrations, concept art, and infographics not only drove the rapid turnaround times, but also directly supported the results and quality of the official the survey response data. This is basis of “Informed Consent” in public participation, the concept that comprehension and retention of the data and cause/effect relationships presented in the materials.

CD&P partners with state, local counties, TXDot & other agencies to facilitate a thorough public engagement and feedback process through public meeting events, social media, television broadcasts, media outlets, print handouts, direct mailings, advertising, outdoor signage, surveys, and person-to-person field outreach campaigns.

My brief overall was to transform complex concepts and data into easy to understand presentations to provide awareness of sometimes controversial proposals and changes to transportation and other infrastructure affecting stakeholders.