Shiner Beer

for CD&P - Austin, TX

HTML Email

Public Facing New Product Launch

HTML Email Campaign

Shiner Beer of Austin had been engaged in rolling out a multi-phase launch of their new division in traditionally hand-crafted, while being more holistically processed, Shiner SmokeHouse food products in a popular and trending food category. I was asked to hone the branding further develop a style guide, using existing packaging. I then applied that to a suite of messaging from print to digital:

  • Second-round investor-facing robust pitch deck templates
  • Tightly branded investor follow-up HTML email newsletter
  • Customer-focused promotional HTML emails
  • HTML email templates for MailChimp
  • Assist with photography shoot/assignment discussions

After the needed photos were achieved, I used an approach of style tiles of three various bold takes. They settled on this look, to be tightly woven into their existing top level Shiner branding, but differentiate the SmokeHouse brand as separate from the well-known Shiner Beer logo.

Together, we wanted to preserve the fire and coal black elements of the tools of the SmokeHouse crafting in the look.

The food is live prepared at the Brewery Tour events, where they serve the new products straight from the smoker, so it has a menu-style feel.

I added the “juicy” CTA’s to entice loyal the audience into the new flavor profiles, that link out to products in the new catalog on their website at their request. My design direction was to first offer a promotional give-away with the request for the survey and appreciation for customer loyalty. The public Involvement team side of CD&P is responsible for running the surveys, polls and data gathering.