for Vail Resorts

Fortress Staffing, Denver, CO

Adobe Photoshop

Fortress Staffing – Denver, CO

Vail Resorts Corporate H.Q., Broomfield, CO

Asset Management • Production / Design Role • Corporate Digital Management System • Proprietary Content Management System

Overhaul of, a luxury resort e-commerce website, selecting & re-touching 1,000+ images for virtual web-tours. The Vail Corporate Hospitality group operates and promotes hundreds of high-end individual resorts with thousands of rooms and amenities.

The complete re-design of the website called for a large-scale photography assignment project, to be integrated into the enterprise-wide digital asset management system.

I was engaged as contractor through the Fortress agency, and among the digital archive responsibilities, it was requested that along with the execution of the project that I also provide, for Vail future use, a pre-defined and well-documented (password-protected, indexed, PDF’s and PPT’s w/ TOC’s) set of repeatable batch processes & well-thought-out, recorded, photoshop-actionable template files for optimized production tasks such as:

  • Professional color correcting of images & video
  • Image resizing & editing
  • Organize & maintain input into enterprise wide data-asset platform of 1,500+ files
  • Upload to proprietary CMS system website

While from beginning to end the process adhered to quality-control traffic, and approval for each resort or stakeholder was acquired before upload, the pacing was under very heavy deadline and met it’s pre-set goal of a 12-week budget.

Using a proprietary user interface, I was responsible for the final batch uploads to the site of all the new assets, completed with all reviews and adjustments, ahead of the time allotted.

This allowed for further purge & clean up of the existing archives, creating consistency in previously archived images, formerly not within the new standards. Some images that were missed in the photography assignment window, were re-touched to blend with the new content, which I offered as a solution when the missing photos were detected close to wrapping up.