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E-Commerce Site Design
E-Commerce Print-on-Demand Site Build-Out
Online Shopping Cart & Art Gallery
Childrens' Product Design
Packaging Design & Product Photography
Marketing Content
Art-Kit Product Vector Illustration & Branding
Art-Kit Book Layout, Badges & Icons

WellBeeTree.com for WellBeeTree, LLC

E-Commerce / Product Design / Social Media Marketing

WellBeeTree.com is a multimedia content publisher, print-on-demand manufacturer & online retail shopping experience offering Fine Art, Music, Books, Gifts (decor, textiles, and apparel), and Learning Tools for kids and adults, such as the Class-in-a-Pack Art-Kits. I oversaw the digital asset management and final production art, product image & photography assignment, for an array of designs and products from publications to textiles, including image editing, export and upload to the central cart and product gallery/description pages. Internal file archive system creation and documentation for Junior Designer to be trained and take over production aspects of asset, content creation and management.

Managed comprehensive Branding Design and related assets across all channels. Graphic Design & production layout of of cover art, book illustrations, managing other artists’ output for hardcopy children’s fiction booklet print, product packaging, and course material of learning packs. The learning packs are for pre-k through age 7, focusing on Art Immersion as a foundation for developing the critical skills leading to success in the motor skills needed for letter printing, hand-eye coordination, spacial awareness, and early reading.

Content planning for Social Media and video content marketing strategy, relating product and subject matter to influencer segmentation. Create Facebook awareness and sales campaign content that is cohesive across platforms.

Web design, theme customization and integration of a robust suite of e-commerce plug ins, such as building and deploying the Ecwid platform central product inventory across all Social Media selling channels and multiple e-commerce site platforms.