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The William J Bryan Improvement Project

CMS Website – for CD&P Austin.

The WJB Project in Bryan, Texas, addressed the need for a range of improvements to the main thoroughfare in this historic community. The website is crucial to the success of the project, as a hub of information both going out to the stakeholders, and gathering it through making sure that events where community input would be heard were not only well-attended, but the participants were prepared with knowledge and how to engage with public officers and engineering teams who can offer guidance, answer questions, and take input.

My role was not only to brand, design and build out a data-base driven CMS website, but to also ensure user experience / interaction throughout was well-thoughtfully laid-out and guided the user through the years long history of the project, while funneling them either to quick up-coming in-person public-meeting info, or through the previous meeting materials for absentee stakeholder input submission.

This GUI needed to be streamlined for easy access to reports and data in large raw format, but that it was also parsed into infographics that were readily understood by the general public, as well as being interactive in the case of maps and alignments presented at the meetings.

Asset production and management of hundreds of photos, infographics and illustrator-developed maps from supplied engineering schematics were edited and uploaded to the site after painstaking quality control being applied.

Responsible for cohesive look in messaging across social media and web channels with the design of a well-documented branding style guide governing best practices in content creation for mobile platforms.

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